Be an Earning Author: Another Distraction Free Writing Software: WriteMonkey

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Distraction Free Writing Software: WriteMonkey

Writemonkey logo

Was checking my emails and LifeHacker sent me this newsletter in which Writemonkey is featured.

Remember Ommwriter? Basically Ommwriter is for Mac users and a PC compatible software was made available. Writemonkey is a software for the PC and it is truly distraction free.

It is actually totally stripped down software but you can add some changes by making changes in the "Preference" by right clicking anywhere on the blank screen.

Check screenshots for you to see if Writemonkey is for you.

Writemonkey welcomes you with a quote

Writemonkey's unique greeting upon opening program

And depending on your set preferences it opens in a totally stripped down screen

writemonkey's strip interface

With that all you have is you, your thoughts or ideas, and a blank screen (unless you start typing your thoughts).

You can download the Writemonkey zip file and extract/save it to your Program files folder, create a shortcut to your Desktop (no need to install), and you're ready to go.

Try Writemonkey and share your user experience in the comment box.

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