Be an Earning Author: Khoa Bui's Ebook Creation Course

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Khoa Bui's Ebook Creation Course

Khoa Bui's E-book Creation E-course

It has been awhile since I started this blog.

I just stumbled to an e-course by Khoa Bui. If you remember Khoa is the author of the book "How to increase your website traffic". 

ShaIt happened when Sha Nacino of Think Rich Yuppies website's promoted her free ebook "How to earn while on vacation" in Facebook and my beloved girlfriend asked me to download it for her when she saw the email from Bo Sanchez regarding this free ebook.

I did download the ebook, sent it to  my girlfriend, and read it after work while enjoying coffee. I like how the ebook was and was wondering how did Sha made all this. So I left a comment on her promotion post about the ebook and mentioned that I want to write my ebook as well. And that is how I got into Khoa's ecourse.

I have just started watching the videos and so far so good it is helping me realize my dream of self-publishing. Khoa just made it easy to realize that writing an e-book is not impossible. If interested to also write an e-book that you can give for free in your blog or for value by selling it online you can still catch up with the e-course.


  1. Hi Louis,

    Great post! Good luck on your ebook :)



  2. Thanks Sha! As teacher Khoa said we have to finish our ebook to earn from it :)