Be an Earning Author: You, Your Thoughts, and OmmWriter

Saturday, November 12, 2011

You, Your Thoughts, and OmmWriter

OmmWriter - Distraction free writing

My Facebook groupmate, Allan Ngo,  shared this minimalist word processor which I believed is a good application to use if you want a distraction free environment to write your articles or your project ebook(like me).

OmmWriter is designed as already said to create a mood where distraction wont get in the way. It is so simple. If you have the style of free writing where you just type anything that comes out of your mind on a certain topic this software is a perfect match for you.

It is designed primarily for Ipad users but can now be downloaded for free(Dana I) or the paid version(Dana II) for a minimum price of $4.11(the creator believes that this product's price depends on the value it gives to the user but have to set a minimum price for payment processing fees and some interesting reason)

The Dana I version is just a basic thing. 

You get three backgrounds and three meditative sound effects. Also you can choose of the three keyboard sound that adds to the writing effect(remember the old days where "makinilya" or the noisy manual typewriter is used by your neighbor in the night :) )

Check the screenshots below. You can download Dana I @

Click the play button to hear a sample of background sound


Ommwriter write in bliss

 Ommwriter clear thoughts while writing

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